As our name suggests, our specialty is the spray coating of metal, carbide and ceramic protective coatings for industrial applications. But decades of thermal spraying experience has revealed the wisdom of centralizing responsibility for a completely manufactured, coated and ground component. Accordingly, our Allentown Pa. production facility is a full-service facility. We have the expertise, the equipment and the capabilities to manufacture complete components, including machine element, thermal spray coating, diamond grinding and solid ceramic structures. We routinely CNC manufacture titanium, stainless steel, and super alloy components complete with diamond ground thermal sprayed coatings of carbide, ceramic and other specialty alloy surfaces.

Machining Services.
We maintain both CNC turning and CNC milling centers for tight tolerance production of complex profiles. And we have vast experience in working with both traditional materials, such as steel and aluminum, and advanced materials, such as steel and aluminum alloys, ceramics and other hardface alloys.

Grinding Services.
We offer grinding services for all types of materials, while specializing in grinding hard materials such as tungsten carbide, ceramics, and hardface alloys. In addition, we are also capable of grinding coatings of stainless steel, molybdenum and a variety of other materials. Equipped with a variety of ID and OD universal grinders, we are able to provide our customers with a complete manufacturing solution.

Valve piston coated and ground with Chromium Carbide HVOF coating.

Valve part with tungsten carbide coating being ground on our large horizontal spindle rotary surface grinder.

Ancillary Services.

In our diamond grinding, honing and lapping shop, we readily meet your most demanding specifications for size and surface finishes:

  • Carbides ground and lapped to an extremely smooth 1 Ra surface finish
  • Plasma sprayed ceramics ground and lapped to a very fine 4Ra surface finish
  • Diameter tolerance to .0001” (.0025mm)
  • Solid carbide and ceramic parts

Large Handling Capacity.
Whether your project calls for a small wear part or a large component, a limited production run or a large run, Longevity Coatings can handle the assignment. Our largest coating handling system can swing parts in excess of 18’ at a diameter of 50″. In addition, our multiple, medium and small, specialized coating handling systems can accommodate high volume parts processing. Multi-axis computer-directed motion control systems as well as mechanical multi-spindle setups provide the handling apparatus for processing shafts, sleeves, hubs, balls, and numerous other coating applications.