Longevity Coatings is a thermal spray coating service firm with offices and production facilities in Allentown,PA, about a mile west of the Lehigh Valley International Airport.

The company, whose primary service area is Lehigh Valley (PA) and the Pennsylvania-New York-New Jersey area, specializes in the application of thermal spray coatings to wear and machine parts used in a wide variety of industrial applications. The coatings—usually carbide, ceramics and other metals—are used to protect machine parts from wear, abrasion and corrosion and extend their useful life.

The company employs computer-programmed equipment to precisely control the applications of protective coatings through various thermal spray coating processes, including HVOF (high velocity oxygen fuel), plasma coatings, twin wire arc and combustion flame spraying and fused coatings (diffusion bonded) processes.

Originally located in Pen Argyl, PA, Longevity quickly outgrew its start-up facility and relocated to its present two-acre site at 6047 Adams Lane in Allentown PA, in 2007.

The company’s growth was spurred, in large part, by breakthroughs in the development of both coatings materials and coating application processes. In response to these advances, design engineers have increasingly specified hardface coatings for new machine parts as a way to extend the lifespan of production machinery and reduce downtime. This, in turn, has led to unprecedented growth for the thermal spray coating industry in general and for Longevity Coatings in particular, according to Mark A. Purington, founder and manager of the company.

The Allentown facility, which occupies 8,800 square feet in two single-story buildings, is equipped to handle completely manufactured, coated and ground components, including parts in excess of 18’ long at a diameter of 50”. The facility also is equipped with an outside tailgate loading dock and three drive-in loading doors.

Purington has been active in the thermal spray coatings business for more than 20 years. While still a business major at Penn State University, he managed his father’s nearby thermal spray coatings plant. He formed Longevity Coatings in 2005.